We refund investors of failed ICOs

*Terms and Conditions Apply

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Nobody owns our ecosystem but only users of Himalaya


Be involved in the future decisions by deciding which tokens will become refundable

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Get instant access to a refund up to 50% of your initial investment in the ICO

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Read the most asked questions

What is Himalaya?

Himalaya is an open-source, decentralized ecosystem that allows investors who participated in failed ICOs to recover their money.

Do all ICOs qualify?

Only those that raised funds and there is a proof for it (e.g blockchain proof, contract agreements, etc.)

Who will decide who you'll refund?

There are thousands of projects out there that failed. Himalaya is a decentralized project where the community GOVERNS its activities based on a set of smart contract rules

Will I receive the full refund?

Most likely a partial refund (up to 50%) of the initial invested value.

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Built With Launchaco